The Hidden Pros of Tanning


The Hidden Pros of Tanning - tanning bed

In the past few decades, indoor tanning has been slammed with harsh criticism to the point where the rates of indoor tanning have dropped. The cons and risks of indoor tanning have long been center stage when it comes to discussion of the topic, and the pros are often ignored. However, there are numerous positives of this indulgence, especially during the winter.

In the long frigid months that occupy nearly half the year in Minnesota, the daylight hours are limited which often leads to the ‘blues’ in some citizens. This feeling can be linked to Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.), which is a seasonal form of depression and can be very serious. Symptoms of S.A.D. are the same as the symptoms of a regular form of depression, and can include, drowsiness, lack of motivation, lack of appetite, and more.

However, tanning can help to alleviate these symptoms. Your body cannot distinguish between a bright sunny sky and the bright, warm lights of a tanning booth — the two often have the same positive effect on the body. Just as a sunny day can brighten your mood, so can a few minutes at the tanning salon. Tanning can also help to equalize the levels of melanin in your skin by exposing your exterior to the same amount of light.

The Hidden Pros of Tanning

Tanning, in moderation and practiced safely, really isn’t all that dangerous. The first rule of safe tanning is “don’t burn.” This can be easy to avoid, as most employees at tanning salons are trained to identify what sort of exposure will be best for your skin. Tanning lotions are also available at salons. These lotions help to protect your skin from the UV rays in the tanning booths, as well as helping you develop the most natural tan on your individual skin. And, for those wary of exposing their bodies to UV rays, many places like Cabana Tan (with locations in Apple Valley, Burnsville, Lakeville, Eagan, and more) offer UV-free booths.

Ultimately, the decision to tan comes with both pros and cons — it is an individual decision. Everyone can do what they choose with their own bodies. Personally, I have found the mental lift I get from tanning during the winter to be very rewarding, and I recommend it to those that feel like they need a little break from the cold and some nice time to relax.


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