The ‘Twin Cities Trapeze Center’ Offers a Unique Way to Exercise


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Twin Cities Trapeze Center was born just a couple years back in August 2012. The Twin Cities Trapeze Center, nicknamed TC2, is an activity center for all ages (well, once you have mastered walking). It is one of a few circus inspired activity centers in the Twin Cities, just like Circus Juventas!

TC2, like Urban Organics, is one of the organizations that has found home in the old Hamm’s Brewery in Saint Paul. This young company taking home in a historic building shows what Saint Paul is all about: history infused with innovative ideas — this balances out to give residents an amazing city with interesting things to see and do while appreciating both old and new.

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Trapeze classes are its main purpose, but TC2 also offers a variety of classes: gymnastics, barre (a mixture of ballet and pilates), ballet, flirty fitness, hula hoop, yoga and zumba. They do offer package deals as well as one-time classes, and party events.

I found a few references on the site emphasizing not just birthday parties, but bachelorette parties. Classes vary from 60-90 minutes. Prices also seemed very justifiable: ranging from $8 to $45 for a single class, and better deals on monthly packages.

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Think you’re interested but still have concerns? The images above can seem intimidating, but they are more of a showcase than most of the actual participants of the classes. The TC2 FAQ states that upper body strength is not required to start classes (nor is experience). It is “an activity for the young heart” and for people looking to build strength. It is a great opportunity to find a fun way to get fitness into your weekly routine.


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