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With winter on its way out — cue Minnesota snowfall — I SAID, with winter on its way out, and spring actually meandering its way to the Minnesota landscape, it’s time to start thinking about warm summer days and cold, tasty ice cream treats. Just in time for said summer days is Minnesota Nice Cream, an inventive ice cream shop that is unlike the Dairy Queens of the world.

Minnesota Nice Cream began as a food truck beloved by Twin Cities residents for the interesting ice cream concoctions that came out of the mind of founder Katie Romanski. Now the ice cream shop has established roots in the Northeast Minneapolis community at the Highlight Center — taking the place of the recently closed Empire Coffee, the ice cream shop is around plenty of business professionals in the building as well as those visiting the neighboring Able Seedhouse + Brewing.

In order to really appreciate Minnesota Nice Cream, you need to see some of their offerings. Their ice cream treats are like those from a child’s’ dream, including ice cream tacos — the treats feature sprinkles, edible glitter, colored cones and shells, cookies, puppy chow, gummy bears, pretzels, cereal, toppings dripping off in every which way, and so much more.

All of this creativity on top and the the fact that the vanilla and chocolate soft serve are supposed to be second to none makes Minnesota Nice Cream a must have for all food lovers. With the new, permanent location, MN Nice Cream will now feature a second soft serve machine with some non-dairy options. In addition, there are plans for over 20 milkshake options, with the ability to add whatever treats you want into the mix — fresh fruits, fresh baked cakes, or egg-less cookie dough.

In addition to the space within the ice cream parlor to eat at within the building, the space is located right next to a nice courtyard that shares space with Able Brewing.

With how much my wife and I love ice cream, which is a lot, we will surely be stopping by MN Nice Cream in the coming weeks to say hello.

Visit MN Nice Cream’s website or Facebook page, or stop by and pick up some ice cream at their new NE Minneapolis location.

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