A Wonderful Video About Food in America — ‘A Love Letter to Food’


love letter to food

This wonderful little video composed by Neptune Studios, in a joint collaboration of many YouTubers, is titled: “A Love Letter to Food.” It could not be more appropriately named as the video’s narrative covers many of the hot button issues in American food production and consumption. I’m surprised our food guru on Minnesota Connected, Deanna Olson, didn’t beat me to the punch in covering this video. (I intended to write this post a month ago, but it got lost in the shuffle.)

I actually helped shoot a couple of shots in this video (rack focus at 2:33) — so clearly I am a bit bias in my appreciation for it. But the video turned out well and has a great message, stressing Americans to be more mindful of the food they grow, buy, and consume.

What did you think of the video?


Image and video via: Minute Earth





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