Como Zoo Adds Two Polar Bears


polar bears added to como zoo

Just as the Timberwolves are acquiring players, the Como Zoo in St. Paul is going to be adding two white fluff-balls to its wealth of animals and newly-born babies.

These fluff-balls, typically referred to as polar bears, are two-year-old twins Sakari and Suka who were originally born in the Toledo Zoo in Ohio.

The bears will be joining Como Zoo’s Polar Bear Odyssey, which is four times larger than the previous exhibit for the world’s largest land predator.

“This world-class exhibit places bears in a natural environment that offers dramatically more land space and a multitude of opportunities for the bears to exhibit natural behaviors such as digging, swimming, foraging and hunting,” the zoo website says.

I’m always excited to see the polar bears when I head to the zoo because bears are just cool in general. But polar bears? They’re the coolest.

At not even two years old, these bears are 300 pounds, or the same as Vikings All-Pro center John Sullivan.

The bears are headed our way because if they stayed with their parents, they could try to mate with them and that inbreeding can lead to unfavorable traits in the bear offspring.

The mother and father of the cubs, Crystal and Marty, have had eight cubs in the last six years and Toledo’s zookeepers are hoping that there will be another on the way between Marty and another polar bear named Nan (Marty, you dog, you).

These other cubs have also left Toledo and been shipped to other exotic destinations like Kentucky, among others.

I’m just glad that these conservational vulnerable animals will have a nice new home in our backyard.


Photo by: trasroid


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