Minnesota Horse Expo (Explained With a Dozen Forced Puns)


Minnesota Horse Expo Colorful Riders

Who’s ready to start horsin’ around? Later this month at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds there’s going to be all kinds of trotting and neighing as the 2014 Minnesota Horse Expo gets underway. Like so many of these events, it will only be truly experienced if one actually shows up and participates; this article can lead a horse to water but it can’t make it drink.

Without putting the cart before the horse, I should mention that upon entering not only will you have free rein to see hundreds of horses, dozens of breeds and almost a thousand information booths, but there are some really cool shows hitting their stride at the expo too. There’s a rodeo on each of the three days and a total of six showings of Ma’Ceo (a 90 minute equine-themed performance that has similarities to Cirque du Soliel). But hold your horses! These shows do cost an additional sum to the expo entrance fee.

maceo Minnesota Horse Expo

For all the levels of pricing you might get saddled with check out the expo’s website.

When: April 25-27th

Where: The Minnesota State Fairgrounds

Cost: Varies. Standard entry fee is $10

Minnesota Horse Expo 2014 Logo

I don’t mean to beat a dead horse but there are a lot of passionate people around the state who have put a lot of effort into prepping their horses for this event.

Be the first out of the gate and onto a wagon or pony ride (many are free with admission). I’m chomping on the bit just thinking about it!


Photos via: MNHorseexpo.org



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