Lakeville’s ‘Pan-O-Prog’ Starts on Friday



Fireworks will fill Minnesota’s sky on Friday night as various local cities and towns hold traditional, colorful, explosion-filled celebrations commemorating our country’s 238th year of independence.

One such display will occur in Lakeville — but fireworks are only the beginning of the long list of annual festivities that take place during the week surrounding July 4th.

Lakevillians (Lakevillites?) call it Pan-o-Prog, and even if you aren’t from Lakeville, you’re invited to head on down and enjoy a celebration that offers plenty for anyone to enjoy.

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What is a Pan-O-Prog, you ask? According to the event website:

“Panorama of Progress, or PAN-O-PROG as the weeklong festival is commonly known, began largely due from the success of the development of Lakeville’s Airlake Industrial Park. Sensing the future growth of the city, community leaders looked for a way to observe. Since 1967 Lakeville has been celebrating its successes as PAN-O-PROG!

“Over 50 celebrations, events and activities take place during the week of July 4. By the masses, residents line up to watch the grand parade, classic car cruise and 4th of July fireworks!

“Other impressive events include tournaments, pageants, battle of the bands, cookouts, orchestra in the park, crafts, outdoor dances pet and talent shows, medallion hunt and all varieties of entertainment!”

There will be live music by The Castaways, a Baby Crawl-o-thon, a Pedal Tractor Pull for kids, a Movie Under the Stars, a Street Market, Karaoke, a Waffle Breakfast… and much, much more.

Check out the full 10-day schedule of events and plan on celebrating July 4th, and a bit of a beautiful Minnesota Summer, at Pan-O-Prog in Lakeville!


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