Insight Outside Beer Fest Saturday


insight outsideThis Saturday, if you’re looking to relax and drink beer, there’s not a much better place than Insight Brewing just off of 280 and Hennepin Ave.

The event runs 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. with music, food trucks, games and, of course, beer inside and outside of Insight’s taproom, including their relatively new patio.

From Insight’s Facebook:

“We’re filling up our parking lot and tapping the stuff of legends for our very first Insight Outside festival. The Brewmaster has just come back from an epic, globe-spanning quest for the world’s finest beer, and now it’s time for us to share the tale. And share some music. And some food.

And craft beer. So much craft beer.

Plus, there might be a surprise or two. So come down, raise a glass and swap stories with us. It will be well worth your while.”

Insight Brewing has seven local artists, five food trucks and it’s full line of beer to go along with bag toss (cornhole) and hammerschlagen. You can take a look at the artists’ play times (Flipstyle, Dan Israel, Jake Ilika, American Revival, Dead Pigeons, Heatbox, Mango Jam) and other info here, as well.



Photo via: Insight Brewing




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