Free Night of Racing at Elko Speedway


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Fast cars and free entertainment on a Saturday night in Minnesota — you can’t beat that.

At Elko Speedway on June 7th, the Minnesota Corn Growers Association is sponsoring a free night of racing for all spectators in attendance. The event has been (cleverly) dubbed Tasseldega Nights and should be a fun and memorable evening for the whole family to enjoy.

Never been to the races in Elko? Wondering what it’s like?

According to their website:

The track is treacherous:

“It’s a high-banked 3/8 mile paved oval allowing for 2 and sometimes 3 wide racing. Both outside and inside track lights allow for fantastic fan viewing during night events.”



And there are a variety of vehicles racing…

➤ The Super Late Models are highly modified with fabricated frames and fiberglass or aluminum bodies with specialized power plants.

➤ The Big 8 are mid-sized sedans with stock sheet metal and major engine and suspension modifications.

➤ Thunder Cars are stock cars with minor engine and suspension modifications allowed.

➤ Power Stocks are a low-cost entry level division that are nearly straight from the factory. They must have stock engines, transmissions, rear ends and components.

➤ Other common divisions that also compete at Elko Speedway include the Legends, Mini-Stocks, Bandoleros and Figure 8 cars.

It will be loud, exciting and free for everyone from ages zero and up.

The gates open at 5 pm and races begin at 7 pm. Check out the Elko Speedway website for details and tickets.


Photos via: Matt Lewis


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