Daytons Bluff St. Paul

Dayton’s Bluff was named “The Best Undiscovered Neighborhood” by the local publication, City Pages, in 2010, and with good reason. Elevated on a plateau within the city, Dayton’s Bluff is bounded by the ridges of the revered Mississippi River Valley. On the edge of the southern portion of Dayton’s Bluff along the river, the Indian Mounds Park has six remaining burial mounds from pre-historic era of the Hopewell mound builders. The Dayton’s Bluff Historic District was approved by the St. Paul City Council in August, 1992. The current interest in the revitalization of Dayton’s Bluff focuses largely on the fine older buildings which are the record of the area’s long history. The East Side Neighborhood Development Company is active in the area’s revival. The Dayton’s Bluff Neighborhood Housing Service offers financial assistance to buyers purchasing a home in the neighborhood.