Looming Budget Issues for Minnesota?

st. paul capitol - matthew deery

For the fourth straight month Minnesota has taken a significantly lower amount of tax revenue than expected. Back in February, budget officials announced a projected $1.23 billion surplus for the fiscal year 2014-2015. This forecast, which helps to inform lawmakers on tax and spending issues, is not quite holding true to form; though officials urge caution in drawing conclusions for how it will surface in the budget.

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Minnesota State Senate’s Party Lines Blur as Liquor Laws Take Center Stage

Growler Sales State Senate

On Monday the Teamsters Union nabbed an important win in their push-back against a popular provision to allow for Sunday growler sales in the Minnesota State Senate’s liquor bill. All hope (for beer-lovers) seemed lost as the provision was officially stripped in the Senate Tax Committee. It appeared destined to become yet another autumn election issue… at least it did until 25 Republicans and 18 DFLers decided to not play nice and resurrected it on the floor of the Senate.

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Big Change on the Horizon? Phyllis Kahn vs. Mohamud Noor

Mohamud Noor with Supporters from Mogadishu Times by Ilyaas Maow

The surface of politics in Minneapolis appears rather placid and predictable. This week will likely see Linea Palmisano’s moratorium recede into a simple regulation change and a rather powerless Betsy Hodges inch closer and closer to finalizing the proposed (and stupid) plan to dig the light rail through the Kenilworth Corridor. These are (of course) important issues with consequences, but there is no united opposition that will actually translate such flaws into election problems; at least not yet. The recent gridlock at the DFL Senate District 60 Convention between Phyllis Kahn and Mohamud Noor could be the bellwether of coming turbulence.

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Right-Wing and Left-Wing — Terms Void of Denotation

Right-Wing and Left-Wing -- Terms Void of Denotation

English, arguably, contains more words than any other language; it can craft fresh words as readily as it steals foreign words. Yet we often discard this quality for the sake of vague simplicity. In the realm of political ideas, which offers up a rich jargon for our use, we have chosen to stifle accuracy and undermine complexity in order to lump and label groups. Now, with so many shifts and turns in the narrative of national governance, our terms have grown as outdated and counterintuitive as our spelling (in which George Bernard Shaw rightly proved “ghoti” as a perfectly acceptable way to spell “fish”).

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Minnesota Precinct Caucuses Embody Grassroots Political Action

Minnesota Precinct Caucuses -DFL -GOP - Statewide - Your Vote Counts - February - 2014

How often have you heard a friend or family member gripe about a politician or political party only to hear them follow up their complaint by saying, “I’m just one person, I can’t make a difference”?

Well, thanks to Minnesota’s caucus process that myth can be put to rest. The precinct caucuses on Tuesday, February 4 mark the start of a statewide process in which party platforms are established, candidates for state and federal offices are endorsed, and gubernatorial candidates are selected. Find your local precinct caucus location and prepare to take part in some real grassroots political action, just be sure to arrive by 7 pm or it will start without you!

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Affordable Healthcare Act Already Hiccuping Badly — Negatives From Law Keep Piling Up

President Obama - Affordable Care Act - Obamacare

This article has opinions from the author based on his findings and research on this controversial issue.

The Affordable Care Act, the ACA, or Obamacare as it has been called, has been in the news quite a bit recently — but unfortunately for President Obama and his sweeping insurance solution, the reasons have been mostly negative. The first of October marked the anticipated debut, the day when potential insurance buyers could use the government websites to navigate plan options under the new healthcare regime. It’s safe to say very few were successful as the websites have been plagued with glitches and long waits, resulting in many unhappy people. Before these hiccups, The Affordable Care Act already made many Americans uneasy — the poorly functioning sites, along with the rest of the negative news has done nothing to soothe any discomfort.

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2013 Election Day Guide — St. Paul & Minneapolis Mayoral Races Heat Up

2013 Minneapolis Mayoral Candidates

With Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Ryback stepping down at the end of his term, the November 5th election is looking like it will be unpredictable. Thirty-five Minneapolis residents are vying for his position, an overwhelming number made even more complicated by the Ranked Choice Voting option.

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Understanding Quantitative Easing and the Risks to Our Economy

Quantitative Easing - Breakdown

The bursting of the housing bubble in 2007 and the proceeding financial crisis drove the US economy into the worst downturn since the Great Depression. The Great Recession, which lasted from December 2007 through June 2009 (this’s what the National Bureau of Economic Research tells us, anyway), brought on the creation of new and unprecedented monetary policies by the American central banking overlord, the Federal Reserve. The most scrutinized of these new programs is the Fed’s asset purchasing program known as “Quantitative Easing” or simply, QE. Well, what in the world is QE and what is it meant to accomplish? Has it been successful? What does it mean for Minnesotan’s and Americans alike? Let’s take a look at these questions and see if more sense can be made out of this complex topic…

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Understanding the Declaration of Independence and Need to Celebrate American Independence

Declaration of Independence

Independence Day is a day of tradition for most Americans — spending time with family, soaking in the sun, enjoying a cold beverage (or a few), swimming, boating, and watching fireworks, it’s a day of overall fun and relaxation. Lost in the fray of the customary 4th of July festivities is something of great importance and reverence, the Declaration of Independence. With the United States of America’s 237th birthday fresh in the mind of Americans, it is prudent to look back at this document and review the founder’s declarations.

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Jesse Ventura Preps for Potential 2016 Presidential Run

Jesse Ventura Presidential Run

Joseph Friedrichs prepares to chat with Jesse Ventura at the 617 Lounge in White Bear Lake in this 2009 photo. Photo credit: Paul Dois

Get ready Minnesotans, in just three years former Governor Jesse Ventura will likely be running for President, of the United States, of America.

During a recent interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan, Ventura explained the timing would be right in 2016 for a run at the nation’s top political office.

“As an independent, you don’t want an incumbent,” Ventura said. “So the office will be wide open. That’s what I looked at in Minnesota.”

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