Five Tips to Beat the Snooze


We have all been there one time or another. The incessant beeping is sounding from your alarm clock as you hit the snooze button one more time. Before you know it, your early-morning workout session passed you by as you snoozed your way through your good intentions of setting an alarm! You kick yourself every time you find yourself in this morning battle, yet the next day yields the same alarm clock fight! What are some effective ways you can battle your morning alarm clock match and win?

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Breaking Down Fitness Goals Into Manageable Milestones


It’s Grandma’s Marathon. The Boston Marathon. Maybe even the IRONMAN. What do the these major events have in common? They are big, audacious goals that are achieved by putting one foot in front of the other. Many will never achieve them. Some have. Some will. While others will do so over and over again! What do these competitors say when they are asked how they accomplished the seemingly impossible? Focus on the present and set intermediate goals. Sports Psychology research leads us to the same reasoning. Setting intermediate or “process goals” are vastly superior to the big, audacious ones.

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Artist Spotlight: Fashion Designers Tabitha Andelin and Gina Moorhead

circle of design logo

Circle of Design 2016, Minnesota’s favorite fashion show, has taken this year to the next level. With new and exciting sponsors like Aesthetic Institute of Edina and Styles and Statements, it is possible to expand the efforts of the show to be extremely supportive to its student designers and local businesses.

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Fuel Your Body After You Train

turkey sandwich

Do you find yourself wondering what to eat after a run or other training workout? There is so much information out there on what to eat pre and post workout. How do you determine what to do to get the most out of your workout by refueling it properly? This can be a simple strategy of combining the right food categories to get the most out of your nutrition and training.

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The Twin Cities Are Foaming Over ‘The Craft Beer Boom’


Governor Mark Dayton signed the Surly Bill into law back in 2011. The new bill created an exception in Minnesota’s aging “Three-Tier System of Liquor Regulation” which allowed brewers and beer entrepreneurs to directly satisfy a growing demand for craft beer spurring economic and community growth in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

“Three-Tier System of Liquor Regulation” initiated after the repeal of prohibition decades ago was designed to separate the roles of liquor manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. This system was put in place for a variety of reasons which include denying access to minors, limiting overconsumption, ensuring public safety via a clean supply, and allowing community control over the type and nature of liquor venues.

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How Are Carbohydrates Connected to My Health and Weight?

healthy eating

Let’s debunk the carbohydrate misconception! Does everyone remember about 10 years ago the big Atkins push? This was an epitome (in its initial presentation at that time) of an imbalanced, unsustainable eating program. Thankfully, they have since revised their program to not focus on eating meat in place of all of your carbohydrates. The phase then was to highlight our deficiency in protein.

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Minnesota Artist Profile: Amara Volimas of ‘Art by Amara’

Amara Volimas

Amara Volimas is a woman of many talents. Not only is she known for her colorful, interesting paintings, but for sculpture, and jewelry as well! Amara has managed to master several mediums and put her talents to work in creating interesting and multi-faceted pieces that every art-lover should have in their home.

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Five Benefits From Better Nutrition


I have found five (although there are many more) main reasons eating the right ratios and portions of food nutrients benefit you.

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Minnesota Artist Profile: Kendra Boblett of ‘KWB Art’

Kendra Boblett

Minnesota is teaming with creative talent, with history showing that our wonderful state has the ability to produce artists like Prince, sculptor Duane Hansen, and Bob Dylan. Artists like this are still being produced in Minnesota, and one of these talents is Kendra Boblett of KWB Art. Kendra’s art is whimsically stylistic, colorful, and often biographical, giving viewers a glimpse into the artist’s world, her personality, and her struggles. Kendra has been an artist all through school, developing and nurturing her unique style both here in her home in Minnesota as well as in Seattle, WA.

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Top Five Ways to Stay Motivated

health and wellness

“Surround yourself with those who challenge you, push you, and motivate you”

Motivation — it is something we all want to have, but something that can easily evade us! Motivation is like a muscle, and you need to practice strengthening it through a regular routine. Whatever your daily ritual is, make sure it encourages you to stay committed to your goals. Sounds easier said than done right? However, if you have a clear visualization of the specific things you are working toward you will be able to successfully ignite that motivation within to stay on track! Try using these five ways to stay motivated.

1.     Set specific and measureable goals for yourself

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