Minnesota Power Pays for State Park Improvements

Minnesota Power Island Lake Reservoir

After Minnesota Power committed storm water violations, it has been given a punishment that fits well with the violation.

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Flooding Forces Closures in Parts of Voyageurs National Park

Boundary Waters Sunset - A Strakey

Few parts of Minnesota have escaped the heavy rainfall of the past few months; while this is good news for water levels on Lake Superior, other areas haven’t been so lucky (many walking paths in Minneapolis, for example, are still puddled over). The extreme northern reaches of our state, along the border with Canada, have seen some of the most significant rises in water level this spring; summer expeditions to the boundary waters will be having set backs.

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View from Big Birch Lake: A Pastoral

birch lake

I am a self-confessed and unapologetic spouter of Minnesota pride. Whether scanning a state-themed “Top Ten” clickbait countdown making the social media rounds, for a mention of anything Minnesota, or catching up with college friends who were born and raised in other Midwestern states, I cannot help but confidently crow about the virtues and possibilities of my home state.

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Free Admission to State Parks for ‘National Get Outdoors Day’

Minnesota State Parks - Free Admission

Just in time for Father’s Day weekend, the DNR is opening up Minnesota State Parks for free admission this Saturday to celebrate National Get Outdoors Day.

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Find Your Perfect State Park

Minnesota State Park

Minnesota has more than 60 state parks within its borders, meaning there are a lot of ‘fish in the sea.’ So how do you find the one that’s right for you?

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Ramsey County Offers Organic Waste Drop-Off Sites


Residents of Ramsey County now have the option of taking “going green” one step further by recycling their organic waste into compost for plants. The program is accepting food waste, non-recyclable paper and compostable plastics with no charge to residents.

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Wisconsin Mummified Squirrel Revived


Found in either the 50’s or 60’s, a grey squirrel (found mummified in a chimney) was given to the Marathon County Historical Society and put on display. In the mid-2000’s the Yawkey House Museum. where the squirrel was displayed, was renovated and the squirrel put into storage. Now, thanks to “History in a Minute” videos, the squirrel has been revived… in popularity.

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Carp to Force the Closing of St. Anthony Lock… Permanently?


Whether carp, boat or Balrog, no one will be allowed access through the lock according to new legislation.

The freshly christened “Invasive Carp” are back in Minnesota’s news. This time because the fish are behind a possible major interruption of Mississippi River’s navigable waters; to keep the fish from Northern Minnesota, the United States Congress is looking to close the shipping lock on the Upper St. Anthony Falls in Minneapolis.

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Five Animals Invading the Twin Cities

A Glimpse of the Twin Cities - Fort Snelling National Cemetery - Wild Turkeys

Turkeys at Fort Snelling, taken by Bob Roth

Animal talk has been replacing temperature talk in recent weeks. With spring well underway some creatures are on the hunt for food after the tough winter; others are simply migrating through. Even bald eagles have experienced their fair share of drama this season (in one case before our eyes).

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What’s in a Name? ‘Invasive’ Carp Explained

Invasive Carp Being Netted

Columbus Day hasn’t been the only thing due for a Minnesotanly-correct makeover this past week. This time it’s happening in the capitol building. On Monday John Hoffman (DFL-Champlin) netted approval from the state Senate on a measure to change the name of ‘Asian Carp’ to ‘Invasive Carp.’

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