The 2014 ‘Minnesota Renaissance Festival’ Almost a Month Away


The season of summer in Minnesota is a few short months when people like to spend their time outside before the season goes cold once again. Summer also brings festivals that entertain with anything from music to food to themed get-togethers. Speaking of themed get- togethers, that leads me to announce the 44th Annual Renaissance Festival. Held at the Shakopee fairgrounds, this on-going attraction has gathered crowds as large as 300,000 in the past years and is considered the largest Renaissance Festival in the United States.

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Winter Market Coming to Minneapolis

Nuremburg Winter Market- Tourismus Nurnberg

The announcement that 2013 would be the last year of the Holidazzle Parade came as a head-scratcher to many (including myself). Why would Minneapolis abandon its event of more than two decades? Didn’t it annually attract 300,000 spectators? The official “tough economic situation” line didn’t stick. The real answer: the Minneapolis Downtown Council wanted to create a much more lucrative and taxable Winter Market.[Continue Reading]

The ‘Twin Cities Trapeze Center’ Offers a Unique Way to Exercise

twin cities trapeeze - things to do

Twin Cities Trapeze Center was born just a couple years back in August 2012. The Twin Cities Trapeze Center, nicknamed TC2, is an activity center for all ages (well, once you have mastered walking). It is one of a few circus inspired activity centers in the Twin Cities, just like Circus Juventas!

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‘Glam Doll Donuts’ – Vintage, Funky and Delicious

Glam Doll Donuts

Walking into Glam Doll Donuts on a dreary weekday morning creates quite a contrast between the gray weather outside and the vibrancy inside. The shop shines with bright colors and vintage decor. With its bright pinks, blues and greens, vintage furniture and pin up art (with a doughnut twist, of course), Glam Doll Donuts is nothing short of funky.

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Take a Ride Into the Past at the ‘Minnesota Street Car Museum’

minnesota street car museum

It’s warm, the top is down (the car windows open for those without the luxury) or perhaps you are enjoying the warmer temperatures by not being outside at all and basking in an air conditioner’s relief. Now imagine it is 1908, a sweltering 95 degree day and you’re in a full suit with hat or bustle and corset. Where do you go to escape the heat?

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The Wonderful Haley Anderson of ‘Curious North’

podcast - haley anderson

Last month I had the privilege of connecting with Haley Anderson, the Director and Podcast Host over at Curious North, a fantastic Minnesota website. Her and I sat down to record a podcast together, and the results were spectacular — see for yourself. We had a great time talking about Minnesota Connected, a little about myself, the Minnesota Wild, Zach Parise’s abs, you know, the basics.

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Spring Into Minnesota Wineries

Minnesota Wines

France, Italy, California, Australia, Chile… Minnesota? Although not listed among top wine regions in the world, the land of 10,000 lakes has produced its fair share of yummy grape-grog in recent years. While the Minnesota craft brewing renaissance carries on into another summer of fun, it’s easy to forget the work and innovation being done on the state’s other favorite beverage. Winter is over. Time to go wine tasting!

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‘Circus Juventas’ — Put Your Kids Where They Belong: In the Circus


To keep their K-12 children busy after school and during the summer months, parents enroll their kids a myriad of activities. There are painting classes, ballet, soccer, baseball, trumpet lessons, religion classes, Girl Scouts, swimming, and so much more. Those just mentioned are conventional ideas that come to the “where should we stick our kids” table. But did you ever think let’s put them in the circus? Well a number of parents did just that with Circus Juventas.

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‘The Wedge’ Reveals Plans for New Location on Eat Street

Eat Street Wedge Counter View Cuningham Group Conceptual Design

I have a love-hate relationship with the Wedge Community Co-op. I love their food, excellent customer service and local-first mentality. I just hate the mini-traffic jam their store produces on Lyndale Avenue in the evening; they’re really popular and it shows. That’s why I am excited to hear they’re expanding and doing so in the same neighborhood (Whittier)!

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Lowertown St. Paul’s Fun and Cozy Gem — ‘Bin Wine Bar’ Review

bin wine barI enjoyed a recent evening out with friends in the Lowertown neighborhood of St Paul (near where the new Saints’ stadium will be built for 2015). We hung out at the Bulldog to watch the big game and then Barrio to dance like maniacs — but before all that rowdy revelry, we dropped in at Bin Wine Bar for dinner, and I was pleasantly surprised.

I’d been to Bin once before, but only briefly. This was my first time enjoying the full dining experience.

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