‘Dressing Room Dojo’ Offers Designers Clothing at Discount Prices

Dressing Room Dojo - Lakeville - Now Open

Shelly Gensmer had a dream that someday, she could perfect the thrift shop recipe and create an amazing boutique. Four months ago, she made that dream a reality and opened Dressing Room Dojo in Lakeville, MN. Not only does Dressing Room Dojo offer thrift shop prices, but also offers styling services and closet clean-outs by appointment as well. Each item is examined in person by Shelly or a member of her friendly staff, and cleaned before it is placed in the store.

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Fashion’s Latest Trend — Stiletto Nails

Lana Del Rey - Stiletto Nails

When ‘stiletto nails’ first burst onto the scene, I was baffled. I wondered, what could be the appeal of having unnaturally long nails that come to a point? I figured they would be a minor fad that would shortly fade out. However, the trend grew, as did my interest in them. I began to wonder where this style came from, assuming it was a new fashion creation because I didn’t remember ever seeing them around before. However, upon further research I discovered that the trend wasn’t new at all. In fact, the first case of a celebrity donning ‘pointy nails’ was as early as the 1950s, when Maila Nurmi wore her stiletto nails extraordinarily long to portray her popular character, Vampira.

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The Three Hottest Shoes for the Hottest Months of the Year

Summer Shoes


Well, Minnesota, it took long enough, but summer is finally in full swing and there is nothing I like more than a good excuse to go shopping. Since we can’t zip up our winter boots for most summer outings, I’ve generated a list of the three most important shoes to have for the fleeting warm months.

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