Music Review: ‘Carrie and Lowell’ Is Another Masterpiece From Sufjan Stevens

Carrie and Lowell

Nobody embodies all the myths of the singer/songwriter better than Sufjan Stevens. On the one hand there’s the genius: the multi-instrumental prodigy who seems to have been born to effortlessly, even naively conjure sheer Orphean beauty through noise. On the other is the recluse. The few glimpses he allows into his private world, including a role on his church’s worship team, are as unremarkable as his orchestrations are impossibly grand. Equally important the enigma. Stevens conforms to no audience or expectation besides himself and his own. One moment he’s singing solemn hymns to Jesus. The next he’s shouting F-bombs in a neurotic frenzy. Either you keep up or you don’t. He doesn’t seem to care.

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‘Stromae’ @ Mill City Nights


Have you ever heard of Stromae ? I hadn’t until last year when I heard his most recent album Racine Carrée. I immediately fell in love with it, although I don’t know French at all, and that’s how the entire album is performed. His sound has a very dance-able aesthetic with a polished hip-hop styling.

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‘The War on Drugs’ @ First Avenue


The War on Drugs played two sold out shows at First Avenue, and I had the pleasure of attending the first night. Not typically the type of music that I gravitate towards, but the Philadelphia band’s third album, Lost in the Dream, from this year was difficult to not get behind. If you enjoy great guitar music, the live show would not disappoint you.

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‘Com Truise’ @ Triple Rock Social Club


“It’s my church too” declared Seth Haley, aka Com Truise, Sunday night at the Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis for his Fall Tour. The 80 minute set weighed heavily on 2011’s Galatic Melt, and very little on the more recent Wave 1 from earlier this year, but that didn’t seem to matter those in the somewhat full crowd.

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‘The Black Keys’ @ Target Center

Black keys - music 54

If you haven’t already heard of The Black Keys you should probably get out from the rock you have been living under. Just kidding, but they are really good. The Black Keys are currently on a 50 city US tour and have rotating openers: Cage the Elephant, Jake Bugg & St. Vincent. The Black Keys happen to be my boyfriend’s favorite band so I picked up some tickets for his birthday. It was on October 24th at the Target Center. Not only did he thoroughly enjoy the concert, but I have also become a bigger fan after seeing them live.

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Inside The Minnesota Music Scene: Alison Scott

allison scott

Alison Scott has done a lot in the short time she’s been pounding the pavement of the Minneapolis music scene. She tours the country, sells out the Dakota Jazz Club on a regular basis, teaches private voice lessons, and is currently the experiencing the newfound experiences of motherhood as she raises her daughter Grace with husband Andy.

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‘Sons of Anarchy’ Has A Minnesota Connection

Kevin Bowe

Two weeks ago millions flocked to their televisions to get lost in the first episode of the final season of FX’s smash-hit, Sons of Anarchy. If they had been on the Internet at all before the season start, they might have also come across one of the cast members, Mark Boone Junior, singing his own version of “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down).”

If you look at the single’s cover art on iTunes you can see a very familiar name if you follow the Minneapolis music scene: Kevin Bowe.

Last March, cast members Kim Coates (who plays Tig Trager), Mark Boone Junior (Robert “Bobby” Munson), and Theo Rossi (Juan Carlos “Juice Ortiz”) traveled to the land down under, according to, to answer questions about the show and do meet-and-greets. While they were meeting the fans, Kevin Bowe was on the stage with his acoustic guitar playing a few songs until they were ready for the panel.

Boone Junior stepped into the music world at one point during each stop to join Bowe for a rendition of “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down),” which was later recorded for Rock the Cause’s record label.

Kevin bowe - sons of anarchy

It was a different, but exciting, world in general for Bowe as he’s been hanging around musicians his whole life.

“It was great to see Australia, and also very interesting to hear what the life of an actor is like,” wrote Bowe in an email to Minnesota Connected.

The opportunity, Bowe said, happened all thanks to Eric Roberts of Hello Booking. He’s a friend of the Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter, and also represents many of the show’s cast when they make personal appearances at different events.

“The whole Australia tour was his baby, he put the whole thing together,” explained Bowe.

The song itself sounds like it would fit perfectly in an episode of the show, but there are no plans to use it at this time. It features Boone’s voice with minimal accompaniment by Bowe in addition to subtle-but-perfect gospel harmonies by Patti Lacy whom Bowe said toured with the late Luther Vandross for many years.

“Boone kills the vocal, it’s really something,” added Bowe.

Entertainment Weekly reported that Boone recorded his vocal over Bowe’s backing track after it was sent from Minneapolis to LA. Bowe said it happened that way for “geographical reasons,” and added  that, “I prefer to have people all in the same room, and if I work with Boone again I bet we would do it that way.”


The song is being put out by Rock the Cause’s record label which is a non-profit run by Scott Herold.

“They funnel the money to a bunch of very worthwhile charities,” Bowe added.

So while you wait to see who will be left standing before the credits for the last time, go download it from iTunes and support a great charity as well.

Hear the song in its whole form on Entertainment Weekly.


Photos courtesy of: Andy Ellis — Kevin Bowe –Rock the Cause Records


‘Die Antwoord’ @ Myth Live


When the first song a group performs, has the lines “DJ Hi-Tek will f*** you in the a**” it sets a very distinctive tone for the rest of the show. The DJ of course wears a grotesquely deformed costume face mask the entire show. That is of course following the opening visuals of someone with progeria under the cloak of some gloomy chanting. Of course if you at a Die Antwoord show, you’re likely very aware of what to expect. And if you somehow stumbled into the Myth last night on a whim, on a Sunday even, I hope you find get the resources you need to heal.

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‘Feed Me’ @ First Avenue


There are light shows, and then there is Teeth. Teeth is the face (really just teeth) of DJ Jonathan Gooch, otherwise known as Feed Me. Feed Me with Teeth is a show to be watched just as much as it is to hear. The music is bass heavy, dubstep, and electro, but all round dance-able.

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‘The Replacements’ @ Midway Stadium


Did you hear The Replacements played at Midway Stadium on Saturday night? If you didn’t, I’m not sure how you avoided the news. Just in case you missed it though, one of Minneapolis’s most celebrated local bands recently regrouped to play their first hometown gig in 23 years.

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