Movie Review – As Ridiculous and Funny as the First, ‘Deadpool 2’ Also Has a Surprising Amount of Heart

Matthew Deery

Matthew Deery - Executive Editor

Matthew has been managing Minnesota Connected since 2013. He has taken on a full time career in video production, but still has a passion for the written word. Matthew has a wonderful wife and two adorable sons.
Brent Lee

Brent Lee - Senior Staff Writer

Brent and his dog Steve live in Eagan where they spend their time eating, sleeping and getting into adventures. Apart from the brutal, inhumane winters, they are both convinced Minnesota is a top five global destination. Brent is happiest when he is playing football, laughing, discussing philosophy, eating Chipotle, watching anything Larry David created, doing funny character voices while reading children's books to his two little nieces, or writing about whatever happens to cross his mind, unapologetically stretching sentence length and comma usage as far as the editor will allow. Also, Brent's nemesis is Burt Reynolds, though Mr. Reynolds is likely unaware of this rivalry.
Jason Ingolfsland

Jason Ingolfsland - Senior Staff Writer

Growing up in rural Tennessee, Jason spent most of his time watching old 80s movies and wandering around in the woods. He moved to Minnesota in the middle of high school, and many people asked him why he didn’t have a southern accent. Later, he attended Crown College where he was a contributing writer for the school paper, the yearbook editor, and President of the Student Activities Board. He graduated with a Bachelor’s in Humanities and Social Science. Since then he’s written several novels, and two short screenplays produced into films featured at the Twin Cities Film Festival, Revolution Film Festival, and Z-Fest. He lives in Maple Grove with his two kids.
Erik Bergs

Erik Bergs - Staff Writer

Erik fancies himself first and foremost a fiction writer (which is his focus while completing a Master of Fine Arts at Hamline University). As for completed education, he attended Southwest High School in Minneapolis and later majored in both Religion and English at Pacific Lutheran University. He currently lives in South Minneapolis, but has also lived in Tacoma, Washington and Yamagata City, Japan. Erik holds a wide array of interests which he compliments with hair-brained ideas and, on rare occasion, thought-provoking angles. His greatest passions include travel, food, stories (in all their forms) and of course his fiancee.
Troy Larson

Troy Larson - Staff Writer

Troy has never seen a baseball game, but he’s a baseball fan. The fact he’s blind and hears with a cochlear implant hasn’t stopped him from following his favorite team, the Minnesota Twins. Not only that, but he’s a walking encyclopedia of baseball history. He can tell you who won every World Series since 1920. A life long resident of Burnsville, he holds a Bachelors Degree in Mass Communication from Minnesota State University, Mankato. He is following his passion in radio broadcasting by hosting a weekly Minnesota Twins Podcast called Troy’s Twins Chat. Although baseball is Troy’s biggest passion, he will also write about the many other topics that interest him.
Deanna Olson

Deanna Olson - Contributing Writer

Deanna calls Central Minnesota home. She attended St. Cloud State University and obtained her BA in Applied Sociology. Her emphasis focused on politics and systematic policies. Her greatest concentration revolved around food consumption and practices in our current society and global market place. Now, Deanna is a busy and blessed mom of two. She has fueled her love for research and food into her family by making and providing conscientious and healthy options for her family and local community. At this time, Deanna is also a board member at her local food co-op where she contributes articles written for parents and works to network and empower local food growers and community members to provide sustainable and locally grown foods for their community. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, gardening, horses, and anything that allows for fun outdoors (with the exception of high places...eek)!
Tony Randgaard

Tony Randgaard - Contributing Writer

Retired after more than 20 years in marketing with United and Northwest Airlines, Tony has been published by the Star and Tribune, Minnesota Monthly, MinnPost, Minnesota Connected, Air Cargo News, The Forward, CNS Air Cargo Focus and the TC Daily Planet. As a result, he has been a regular guest on the CBS-Entercom Radio ‘Jordana Green Show’ in the Midwest. His cold case mystery novel Unpremeditated: A Murderous Caribbean Travelogue — is available now on Amazon.