Timberwolves President Flip Saunders Hires Flip Saunders as New Head Coach


flip saunders hired as wolves head coach

Yes, that headline is correct. Flip Saunders hired himself as the new head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves today. Saunders was looking long and hard for a head coach with plenty of NBA experience — so it comes as a surprise to few people in the know that he hired himself. Many long thought this might be the move Saunders would make — now those theories were correct as Saunders will now act as both president and head coach of the middling Timberwolves franchise. He will still work in tandem with general manager Milt Newton.

Saunders, as most Timberwolves fans will remember, was the head coach of the team for ten and a half seasons before getting fired in 2005. He led the Wolves to their only eight playoff appearances in their franchise history (his teams only made it past the first round once).

So the Timberwolves have a new head coach, who happens to be, well, their old head coach. Will this move change Kevin Love’s mind on staying in Minnesota? (It’s well-known he wants out of Minnesota to play for a contender.) I doubt it.


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