Super Bowl Team Mascots Fight on ESPN


Denver Broncos - Seattle Seahawks - Mascots - Fight - ESPN - Sports Center

Today, is the Super Bowl — it’s the culmination of the entire NFL season on a stage that happens to be the biggest single sporting event in the entire world. With a championship on the line, of course there is a lot of tension between Denver and Seattle — the players, the coaches, the fans, and even the team’s mascots have a vendetta against the opposition. ESPN is so great at making fun out of sports and its rivalries — once again, they have another excellent SportsCenter commercial to demonstrate that.


Miles and Blitz clearly don’t like one another. Who will come out on top today? The number one offense in the history of the league, the Broncos, or the number one defense in the NFL this season, the Seahawks? One thing is for sure, on paper, this looks like one of the best Super Bowl match ups in a very long time. Let’s hope the game proves to be just as great.


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