Dear Robin Williams: Thank You


robin williams tribute

Dear Robin,

The news of your sudden passing brought a cloud over the world. No one expected this. How could a man who made everyone smile choose to end his life in such a way? Knowing what we know now, however, it seems as though you didn’t know of another way out.

While many people knew about you way before Aladdin, that movie was the starting point for many my age. While you were on this Earth you made us laugh, cry, and ponder life’s many questions. You were never afraid to tackle sensitive issues head-on either, including your own struggles with addiction.

I believe I speak for many when I say thank you. Thank you for helping us smile when we needed it the most, like right now.

From now on when we look up at the stars and see them shining a little brighter, we’ll know it’s because you’re up there making them laugh.

You may gone from this Earth, but we’ll always remember you.

Jimmy Fallon said it best when he stood on his desk and said, “Oh captain, my captain, you will be missed.”


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