Jiggly Boy Video Captures Joy Surrounding Garnett’s Return


kg - jiggly boy

Even with the Wild in the midst of an unprecedented surge, Kevin Garnett’s return dominated Minnesota sports headlines last week.

A video released by the Timberwolves’ Youtube channel this past Friday captures the nostalgic joy that filled the Target Center during Wednesday night’s re-debut of KG against the Washington Wizards..

Even if you don’t care about Kevin Garnett, the Timberwolves…or basketball in general, the video is sure to make you smile.

Garnett apparently loved it. You smiled, too. Admit it.

According to Fox 9, ‘Jiggly Boy’ is known as John Sweeney when he’s not jiggling. Sweeney co-owns the Brave New Workshop Comedy Theater in Minneapolis and has worked as an improv comedian. His back up dancers are his real sons.

The Jiggly Boy moniker was born back in 2003 when Sweeney’s shirtless, dancing tribute got him escorted out of the arena by security. Coverage of the incident spread to the Star Tribune, ESPN and the Today Show, and The Jiggly One thereby entered Timberwolves lore.

With all the positive energy surrounding KG and Jiggly, the visiting Wizards stood little chance last Wednesday night. The Wolves cruised to a 97-77 win in front of a crowd of 19,856, earning just their 13th victory of the season.


Media courtesy of: Minnesota Timberwolves YouTube



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