‘Full House’ Stars Back to Give Advice to Jimmy Fallon


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It’s no secret that Jimmy Fallon is taking over Jay Leno’s throne as the new host of The Tonight Show — the changing of the guard is taking place on February 17. In this video, Fallon enlists the help of three of television’s most gifted and nurturing counselors: Danny Tanner, Jesse Katsopolis, and Joey Gladstone. If you’ve ever seen an episode of Full House, you’ve seen them all. The show always ends the same way, with a family hiccup or argument ending with the life-changing advice of some sage adult, complete with the sappiest, “lesson learning” music. Every, episode. Well, this skit plays off a lot of the Full House tropes complete with the heart-felt speech and sappy music — if you ever watched or appreciated Full House, this skit is hard not to love.


Pretty great to see these guys back in their roles right? Except for those wigs on Dave Coulier and John Stamos — wow were they awful. But being a silly skit on Fallon’s show, the tackiness adds to the humor.

How many classic Full House lines did you hear? “Not the hair, cut it out, … are you made of… wood?” Not to mention, a famous rendition of the bedtime ballad, the “Teddy Bear Song” — along with Fallon in a bedroom, and a “pencil” bed that was just like little Michelle’s in the show.

Brings you back doesn’t it? Geez I’m old.


Photo via: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon



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