About Us

AboutFinalMinnesota Connected operates hyper-local news websites all around the state of Minnesota. We are dedicated to timely reporting on local government, school news, sports, music and other happenings in your neighborhood. Our readers are able to find information about local events, view comprehensive restaurant and business reviews, and connect with others within their community. We welcome and encourage our readers’ contribution.


FoundersFINALWe are real estate agents by profession and technology nerds by hobby. The idea for Minnesota Connected came out of a conversation we had while watching a Twins game at Target Field in the summer of 2011. We were lamenting the lack of coherent information sources for our clients to learn about the individual Minneapolis and St. Paul neighborhoods and decided we needed to do something about it. Sure, Patch and City Pages are great sources of somewhat local information, but we needed something hyper-local to give our clients the best information about the exact location they want to live. As realtors, one of our primary jobs is to educate our clients about the schools, community events, places-to-go and people to know in the areas they are considering moving to. We figured that if our clients were interested in hyper-local information, other people would be also. So Minnesota Connected was born…at least in concept. While we are self-proclaimed online geeks, we couldn’t put a project like this together without the help of a team of specialists who are far more skilled than we could ever hope to be.


Matthew Deery - About Us - Bio - Minnesota Connected Matthew Deery is the brains behind what you see. He fulfills this epically monumental task by collecting mountains of information and presenting it in a way that makes sense to us mere mortals. Working with local writers, he helps to bring a distinctive “voice” to each of the unique communities that Minnesota Connected touches. It doesn’t hurt that he is an extremely talented Journalist with an innate sense of what we should do.


Nicholas Borgwardt - About Us - Bio - Minnesota Connected On the technology side, we hired our friend Nick Borgwardt to create the infrastructure and web-gadgetry that makes the entire network of websites run. When we originally brought him the idea for this project, he thought we were crazy. But soon after he began searching for a new home and was frustrated by the lack of accurate and consistent information about neighborhoods and cities that he was considering moving into. His frustration became motivation and he is now our lead programmer.


As we continue to perfect this idea, we would love your help and feedback. If you have an idea for a story or just want to share your opinion, please let us know because the more these websites reflect you, the better they will be!


Photos via: Dharma Hype (Elliot Malcolm)