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Act Addresses Gender Gaps for Women of Color in Minnesota

Rep. Rena Moran, who represents district 65A in St. Paul, has been the key author of the Women of Color Opportunities Act. Moran recognizes gender gaps women of color have had to face and the negative effects it has had for our communities. Moran understands this issue better than most as she illustrates the gender […]


blarney castle at night

Highlights of Southern Ireland

I used to think the idea of Ireland being completely and richly green was probably a stereotype, but that didn’t last for long. That idea was dashed before my plane even landed. As I gazed out the window, as soon as the clouds dispersed the first thing I saw was emerald as far as the […]

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Soundset 2016

Flashback to Soundset 2015

With Soundset 2016 coming up this week, we here at Minnesota Connected thought it might be a timely moment to remember some of the highlights to the conversations we had last year. … [Continue Reading...]

craft beer festival - 2016 msp

Minnesota Craft Beer Festival Starts This Saturday

Are you into sampling craft beers? This weekend, you will have an opportunity to do so with 220+ beers at your finger tips. It’s the Minnesota Craft Beer Festival, held at the Minneapolis … [Continue Reading...]

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Minnesota Monthly’s 22nd ‘Food and Wine Experience’ Takes Place This Weekend

Are you into gourmet foods, fine wines and specialty beers? If so, Target Field is the place to be this upcoming weekend. On Saturday, March 5 and Sunday, March 6, it’s Minnesota Monthly’s 22nd … [Continue Reading...]