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Calm Down: Cheerios’ Prince Tweet Was Dumb But Not Offensive

Last Thursday, after Prince’s untimely death, outrage from the Twittersphere forced Cheerios to remove a tribute tweet and issue an apology as the world moved a step closer to becoming a soulless vacuum of tepid hypersensitivity.



Five Tips to Beat the Snooze

We have all been there one time or another. The incessant beeping is sounding from your alarm clock as you hit the snooze button one more time. Before you know it, your early-morning workout session passed you by as you snoozed your way through your good intentions of setting an alarm! You kick yourself every […]

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craft beer festival - 2016 msp

Minnesota Craft Beer Festival Starts This Saturday

Are you into sampling craft beers? This weekend, you will have an opportunity to do so with 220+ beers at your finger tips. It’s the Minnesota Craft Beer Festival, held at the Minneapolis … [Continue Reading...]

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Minnesota Monthly’s 22nd ‘Food and Wine Experience’ Takes Place This Weekend

Are you into gourmet foods, fine wines and specialty beers? If so, Target Field is the place to be this upcoming weekend. On Saturday, March 5 and Sunday, March 6, it’s Minnesota Monthly’s 22nd … [Continue Reading...]


‘TwinsFest’ and the ‘Twins Caravan’ Are Around the Corner

Finally, cold weather has arrived here in Minnesota. Also, it’s a little over a month until Spring Training starts for the Minnesota Twins. Can’t wait until then to get your baseball fix? The … [Continue Reading...]