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iphone6-how it helps the blind

How the iPhone Helps a Blind Baseball Fanatic

There are many ways an iPhone can help a blind person like myself. You might wonder how since the device relies heavily on a touch screen. Let me share with you my experiences with my iPhone. When I got my first iPhone last December, I never dreamed of how big of a role the device […]


earth - crazy restaurants

Ten of the Craziest Restaurants to Visit in the World

Thinking of a trip this summer? Possibly later this year? Let’s be honest, besides the thrill of traveling to a destination unknown (or known), kicking back and indulging in food and drinks is equally exciting. So to give people more of a push to get out there and explore what the world has to offer […]

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MLB Hall of Fame Tour - MOA - Minnesota

The MLB ‘Hall of Fame’ Tour Set to Visit the Mall of America

Are you a baseball nut like me? Well, I have just the event just for you. From September 16 to September 29, the Hall of Fame Tour will be at the Mall Of America. This tour combines artifacts from … [Continue Reading...]

us bank stadium - tours - 2016

Free July Tours of U.S. Bank Stadium Available

Have you wanted to see the new U.S. Bank Stadium and all its glory? The first event isn't for a couple months now and waiting to see the brand new facility can prove difficult. Well, even before … [Continue Reading...]

Soundset 2016

Flashback to Soundset 2015

With Soundset 2016 coming up this week, we here at Minnesota Connected thought it might be a timely moment to remember some of the highlights to the conversations we had last year. … [Continue Reading...]