Movie Review – Rare and Stunning, ‘Blade Runner 2049’ is a Film You Have to See

The original Blade Runner directed by Ridley Scott is a neo-noir, science fiction masterpiece. It felt inconceivable Hollywood Studios would think it a good idea to create a sequel, remake, reboot, or mess with the story in any fashion whatsoever. Some movies are better left in the annals of history untouched. Simultaneously, a sequel (soft-remake) […]

Movie Recall – The Dreamlike ‘Blade Runner’ Still a Neo-Noir Masterpiece.

Two things which make Blade Runner so unique is its tone and score. It goes without saying the special effects were groundbreaking for its time, creating an all-immersive world you could feel, taste, and touch, bustling with bicyclers, pedestrians, shopkeepers, and the degenerates of the city. The oppressive hovering machines both watching you and advertising […]

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