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Vote Leave Protestors - by Garry Knight

Why Today’s Brexit Vote in the UK Matters

Many Americans will hear the word “Brexit” for the first time today. No, it’s not the name of some newly concocted stock index or a must-try low-calorie cereal; it’s in fact the term used to describe United Kingdom leaving (or potentially leaving) the European Union.


Willow Falls - Courtesy of Forrest McCullough

A Wonderful Getaway From the Busy Cities

Summer has finally come to Minnesota. The sun burns late in the day and green has crawled out of the darkness to cover the trees again. Parks are filled with eager children. Beaches are occupied by van-loads of families. The swooshing noises of the boats buzzing past each other on the lakes are accompanied by […]


glen perkins - 2016 - surgery - shoulder

Twins Reliever Perkins Out the Remainder of 2016

Last week, the Minnesota Twins received the worst injury news of the season. It was announced that left-handed reliever Glen Perkins, who had been out since … [Continue Reading...]

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us bank stadium - tours - 2016

Free July Tours of U.S. Bank Stadium Available

Have you wanted to see the new U.S. Bank Stadium and all its glory? The first event isn't for a couple months now and waiting to see the brand new facility can prove difficult. Well, even before … [Continue Reading...]

Soundset 2016

Flashback to Soundset 2015

With Soundset 2016 coming up this week, we here at Minnesota Connected thought it might be a timely moment to remember some of the highlights to the conversations we had last year. … [Continue Reading...]

craft beer festival - 2016 msp

Minnesota Craft Beer Festival Starts This Saturday

Are you into sampling craft beers? This weekend, you will have an opportunity to do so with 220+ beers at your finger tips. It’s the Minnesota Craft Beer Festival, held at the Minneapolis … [Continue Reading...]